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Digital Assets and Information Security are what we do

What We Do

Apps (Design/Development/Marketing)

Transform your business into powerful and seamless digital experiences with our custom app building service.

Information Security

Protect your valuable information and assets with our comprehensive and cutting-edge Information Security solutions.

App Compliance & Intelligence

Publishing apps has become very time consuming, especially to comply with all the privacy regulations from the stores. We are ready to help!

Digital Assets

Elevate your ideas with our top-notch digital asset creation services.

Crypto Universe

Join the future of finance with our comprehensive and innovative cryptocurrency ecosystem solutions.

Our Apps


The first off-screen Montessori app full of fun learning games & activities


Easy, quick baby porridge & complementary food recipes for babies and toddlers dishes.


Which celebrity do you think should become the next President of the United States of America?


Funny Celebrity Sticker


浚ommon scammer behaviour #banking
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Interessanter Beitrag
sorry but not sorry #phishing  The crypto world still feels like the Wild West at times, especially when even seasoned Web3 creators and NFT collectors fall victim to exploits that typically claim less-experienced traders. That happened again Wednesday afternoon as Kevin Rose, co-founder of Moonbirds creator Proof, said that his Ethereum wallet was hacked after valuable assets were swiped.

A total of 40 NFTs were apparently taken from his krovault.eth wallet early Wednesday afternoon, including about 25 Chromie Squiggles from the Art Blocks project, as well as a valuable Autoglyphs NFT from original CryptoPunks creator Larva Labs. Rose confirmed the event via a tweet soon after speculation began circulating on Twitter. Source:
#phishing dont be the next victim. Contact us for more...

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